Sunday, December 2, 2007

Oh boy! Oh No!

Well, after several too small hats, I finally got the recipe right for Daniel's hat. That's the orange color loving young son of my doctor. It is at the right.
Below is what I am working on, for the little neighbor girl. I did my own figures for the orange and black striper but the pattern for Punkins came from Maggie's Rags website.

Now, I am wondering if it's also going to have to be re-done. Talking to the lady keeping Punkin, she tells me they have problems finding a hat that will fit her.....what the problem is, I'm not sure......but I asked her to measure the child's head to give me some idea of the size I need.

At this rate, I will be knitting hats yet, next spring! :(
What is with me? I think I'm going to automatically have to go up several needle sizes. Does the bottom look like cables to you? I am doing them right......but I wonder if they are looking the way I expected them to.
The ribbing goes 5" before you begin decreasing for the top (crown).
I don't post as often as I should.
I go tomorrow for a lymphedema therapy session on my legs. It has been some too many years since I last had therapy...About 7, I think.
Cross your fingers all goes well.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I seem to have problems posting photos of my sons with the great grandsons.

Let's see if I can get it right, this time!

Okay, this is Don, my oldest son, with his granson (my great grandson) Jake.

And this is Don's son, Donnie, who is Jake's daddy, and my oldest grandson.

This is son, Butch with his grandson, Mikey. Earlier, I had a photo of Butch's son, Michael, who is Mikey's daddy, in the delivery room when Mikey was born.

I got my old plastic bed knitting machine out, which is completely manually had been awhile since I've machine knit anything. I had to clean up the machine, added two new needles and oiled it.

I have some hats and slippers I want to make; so I endeavored to do so.

I had the table taken over, so the men ate their supper in the livingroom and I served it buffet style from the counter top.

This will go to one of the neighborhood children. It was meant for my doctor's son; but I fear it will be too small. I miscalculated; not having anyone to measure for it. :( But, it will not go to waste.....there are several children who can put hats to good use, and they're small enough to fit into

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Some Christmas gift giving in mind

I designed this soap sack for use by my indianaknits list; but thought I would put it up on my blog to share with others, as well. It is quickly crocheted, takes little cotton worsted wt. yarn, and can be for male or female.

Wicker-look crocheted Soap SackMaterials needed: A small amount of sugar and Cream or Peaches and Cream......or similar worsted weight cotton yarnAmerican size F crochet hookChain 11 loosely; but not too want to be able to move the needle in the loops easily; but not have the chain stitches too big.Row 1:Double crochet (dc) in 3rd chain across to end. You should have 10 dc; counting beginning ch 3 as a dc.Row 2: Chain 3, turn and dc back across the last row. 10 dc.Row 3: Chain (ch) 1. Single crochet (sc) in corner, at end of row, then 2 stitches (sts) into each dc across left end of piece, then 1 sc in corner. Single crochet in each dc across bottom side, going into the single loop at the bottom of each stitch; sc into corner, then 2 sts into each dc across 2nd end, sc in corner, and then across top edge, joining with slip stitch (sl st) into chain 1.Row 4: Ch 3, 1 dc in each stitch around. Join with sl st into top of ch 3. You should have32 dc, counting ch 3.Row 5: ch 4, skip (sk) next dc, dc in the next dc (don't crochet into stitch as one normally would; but make sure to go into the top of the dc itself. Continue around. Join with sl st. in 3rd chain of beginning ch 3.Rows 6-12: Repeat row 5 for next 7 rowsRemember to double crochet directly into the tops of the double crochets in the row below, sticking the needle through the stitch top, itself.
Row 13:
Ch 1, sc in each dc around. <32>
join with sl st in beginning ch 1.
Row 14:
Ch 1, sl st in same stitch, *ch 1, sk 1 sc, sc in next sc* across row. Ch 1, join with sl st in beginning ch 1.
Row 15:
Chain 4, *skip (sk) ch 1, dc in next stitch* repeat across row. Ch 1, join with sl st in first ch 1 st at beginning of row.
Row 16: Repeat Row 15.
Row 17: *chain 3, 1 dc in ch1, 1 dc in next dc* across row. Join with sl st in top of beginning chain 3. Cut thread and weave in ends.
Chain 60......finish ends, and weave through eyelets formed on row 14.
OR, alternatively, you can make I-cord and use that, instead.
Insert a bar of soap and enjoy or use to gift someone.
Designed by Pat P. October 2007.
I don't care if you choose to gift this, keep it for yourself, or share. Just keep my copyright with the printed pattern, and don't sell the pattern.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Time Lost

Well, it has been awhile since I've posted to my blog. On indianaknits, we've been knitting/crocheting washcloths and soap sacks for deploying Indiana reservists.

This past 10 days, we've been in the throes, in Parke County, of our annual Covered Bridge Festival. I didn't venture out to go anywhere.

I had a small vacation in the hospital a couple of weeks ago which wasn't much fun. Since coming home, I have been trying to recoup some strength and energy. I've also had a terrific resurgence of LE in both legs.

I cannot believe it is almost November, already. We went from mostly green foliage on the hillsides last weekend to trees beginning to glow with reds, oranges, golds and purples, nestled in among the still green leaves.

I had a Daily Knitting button I wanted to add to my blog; but being blog illiterate, I wasn't entirely sure how to do it.....especially since I could not see any of the gizmos I needed on my Blogger Dashboard. I think I finally achieved that, tonight. It will take me awhile to figure out what needs to be learned and accomplish same.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Falling Behind

The leaves are falling from the poplar trees in the yard, and reminding me that it is almost Covered Bridge Festival time in Parke County, already.

I need to take more pictures so I can share with anyone who wants to see what my world looks like.....from my perspective.

I've had some neck problems; but all is better now.

I promise to actively try to put up some new photos and some better information.

I got out my plastic bed machine, the other day.......thinking to try to knit with it. First, I must find somewhere to set it up, up here. :(

We had a computer given us that would not boot. I re-formatted it, and now Jerry has his own computer in the living room so he can work his puzzles whenever he wants to, and watch t.v. at the same time. I think he really enjoys being able to access his jigsaw puzzle games whenever he wants to, and I enjoy not having to share time on mine when the mood hit him to do puzzles.

I intend to install the deerhunting game, so he can play with that, as well.

Nothing knitting so far, since my last dishcloth; but I have given all my cloths knit so far away, and need to make more. :)

Our indianaknits group (some of us, anyway) are planning to make washcloths for some of the men who are being deployed soon from our area.

I hope everyone remembers to hold these service people in prayer as they serve our country, and pray for their safe return home.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I sort of feel "duh!" today. It has been busy......and I really haven't had an opportunity to sit down and work on knitting.......or much of anything else.

So, this is just a note to admit that I have nothing worthwhile to talk about or no opportunity to work on the current wip.

So, it is a "duh!" day.

I will try to get some more interesting conversation to put down, and perhaps some interesting photos. Maybe soon.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

This was our mid-July KAL

July 1st KAL

This is the sun, for July 1st KAL
This was Andi's July 1st KAL cloth

Monthly Dishcloths I've Knit Along with

Here are some dishcloths I've knit along with Monthly Dishcloths Group

My four legged buddies

This is me. Pat, mom Pat, or whatever you wnat to call me

Okay, this is a funny way to start up a blog; but I am not having much success uploading the photos I wanted to show......and my other post went astray. I don't know if it's the internet, my computer, or klutzy mom Pat that is at fault.

I thought knotty doins a good name, as I am always tying knots of some kind, according to my patient, long-suffering spouse: also know as the stash detective.

I hope I don't bore anyone who reads my journalistic style of blogging. I don't have a lot of blogging experience. I thought on this for a long time before endeavoring to set this up. Now I just have to learn how it works.
That will be a hit and miss, fly by the seat of my pants type of learning experience.