Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I seem to have problems posting photos of my sons with the great grandsons.

Let's see if I can get it right, this time!

Okay, this is Don, my oldest son, with his granson (my great grandson) Jake.

And this is Don's son, Donnie, who is Jake's daddy, and my oldest grandson.

This is son, Butch with his grandson, Mikey. Earlier, I had a photo of Butch's son, Michael, who is Mikey's daddy, in the delivery room when Mikey was born.

I got my old plastic bed knitting machine out, which is completely manually had been awhile since I've machine knit anything. I had to clean up the machine, added two new needles and oiled it.

I have some hats and slippers I want to make; so I endeavored to do so.

I had the table taken over, so the men ate their supper in the livingroom and I served it buffet style from the counter top.

This will go to one of the neighborhood children. It was meant for my doctor's son; but I fear it will be too small. I miscalculated; not having anyone to measure for it. :( But, it will not go to waste.....there are several children who can put hats to good use, and they're small enough to fit into