Sunday, December 2, 2007

Oh boy! Oh No!

Well, after several too small hats, I finally got the recipe right for Daniel's hat. That's the orange color loving young son of my doctor. It is at the right.
Below is what I am working on, for the little neighbor girl. I did my own figures for the orange and black striper but the pattern for Punkins came from Maggie's Rags website.

Now, I am wondering if it's also going to have to be re-done. Talking to the lady keeping Punkin, she tells me they have problems finding a hat that will fit her.....what the problem is, I'm not sure......but I asked her to measure the child's head to give me some idea of the size I need.

At this rate, I will be knitting hats yet, next spring! :(
What is with me? I think I'm going to automatically have to go up several needle sizes. Does the bottom look like cables to you? I am doing them right......but I wonder if they are looking the way I expected them to.
The ribbing goes 5" before you begin decreasing for the top (crown).
I don't post as often as I should.
I go tomorrow for a lymphedema therapy session on my legs. It has been some too many years since I last had therapy...About 7, I think.
Cross your fingers all goes well.

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