Friday, January 4, 2008

January 04, 2008

Do you feel as strangely as I do, writing 2008, instead of 2007?

I have developed the rash from.........won't say that word; but if I did you would know what I am talking about! We are not sure what caused it; other than it is contact dermatitis, and it developed while I was in wrap mode for therapy. I have bi-lateral lymphedema of the lower extremities. To put it simply, I have a compromised lymph system to my legs that causes them to swell abomniably and hamper my mobility.

In order to try to keep the swelling down, we get MLD (manual lymph drainage) from a trained, licensed therapist, especially trained to work with those like me. It comprises of being massaged, then wrapped in layers of low stretch bandages that compress and help to drain the lymph from areas where it tends to collect and pool.

While in wrap mode, I began to get this maddening itch......and it broke out in a rash from hip to toe. Now I am slathering cream on it and taking an oral itch inhibitor that helps; but doesn't quite do the job.

I awakened at 2:30 this morning, itching and scratch like a mad woman.
I came in here and clipped my fingernails as short as possible. It is beginning to fade somewhat; but is still there, itching just beneath the skin. I look like my legs have been scalded with boiling hot water. The rash was fine and very red raised spots in the beginning.

The next thing will be to try to find out what caused the reaction......but how without getting in this mess again? It was either the moisturizing cream used for the very dry lymphatic skin, or the spandex content in the wraps. Which will create a problem if it's the spandex, as I am sure the new compressive garment will have spandex material in it. :(

While at the doctor's the other day, I learned that the little boy (the doctor's young son) for whom the hat in orange and black stripes was intended, was well received. He thought it was "cool" to have black stripes added to his favorite color of orange! This put a huge smile in my day. The doctor's wife is a sweety, and she took me to see his office, where a sunny window contains all the raised from seed violets I've given them..........and they were all blooming cheerfully there. So, two smiles to my day.

My oldest son has just undergone surgery. I'm praying for a rapid and full recovery for him.

I think indianaknits is going to have a dishcloth exchange in February.
This is my restricted list for indiana residents (and borders) that are into knitting, machine knitting, spinning, weaving, crocheting, and all fiber pursuits.
We enjoy just hanging out with our knitting, and sharing what life brings.

We also have a list on Ravelry.
On Ravelry, I am fiberluvr.

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