Sunday, August 26, 2007

Falling Behind

The leaves are falling from the poplar trees in the yard, and reminding me that it is almost Covered Bridge Festival time in Parke County, already.

I need to take more pictures so I can share with anyone who wants to see what my world looks like.....from my perspective.

I've had some neck problems; but all is better now.

I promise to actively try to put up some new photos and some better information.

I got out my plastic bed machine, the other day.......thinking to try to knit with it. First, I must find somewhere to set it up, up here. :(

We had a computer given us that would not boot. I re-formatted it, and now Jerry has his own computer in the living room so he can work his puzzles whenever he wants to, and watch t.v. at the same time. I think he really enjoys being able to access his jigsaw puzzle games whenever he wants to, and I enjoy not having to share time on mine when the mood hit him to do puzzles.

I intend to install the deerhunting game, so he can play with that, as well.

Nothing knitting so far, since my last dishcloth; but I have given all my cloths knit so far away, and need to make more. :)

Our indianaknits group (some of us, anyway) are planning to make washcloths for some of the men who are being deployed soon from our area.

I hope everyone remembers to hold these service people in prayer as they serve our country, and pray for their safe return home.

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